Be sure to ask about reCUPs, the first commercially available paper cups that are engineered for recyclability. Rather than asking the recycling industry to deal with traditional paper cups that have little or no value to them, start using reCUPs which may be easily processed through paper recycling equipment. To learn more about reCUPs, click here.


​When it comes to packaging, we're all about providing you with turn-key solutions that meet or exceed all of your expectations. Whether you need rigid, flexible, corrugated, label or custom packaging, we're ready and able to help.

Also, we've developed a branding program and offer additional services including contract packaging, kitting and fulfillment.

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The environmental marketing claims you put on your packaging are subject to a variety of criteria designed to ensure consumers are not misled or given false information. Let one of our project managers optimize your marketing message and put together a plan to ensure your claims fall within the Federal Trade Commission "Green Guides". Click Hereto contact one of our project managers and get started today.

In addition to optimizing the environmental, economic and performance metrics of your packaging, we've developed a branding program designed to take your brand to the next level. With over 20 years of experience, our branding expert is ready to make sure your message is clear and your packaging stands out on the shelf.Click Hereto contact our branding manager and get started today.

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